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Da chiesa e camera

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17th century court music from Vienna and Kremsier 

Works by Vejvanovsky, Biber, Kerzinger, Bertali, Rittler, Poglietti, Schmelzer a.o.

With a sound-splendid instrumentation using historical instruments, with trumpets, drums, trombones, string instruments and basso  continuo, the Baroque Trumpet Ensemble Berlin brings rare musical treasures from the Kremsier castle archive and the Vienna Emperor’s Court back to new life.

“Da chiesa e camera” – music in praise of god and simultaneously for the solemn representation and edification of the then almost  godly potentates, reveals in a most unusually colourful instrumentation the Vienna and Kremsier court composers’ mastery in composition and offers a look at the advanced musical culture at the courts of  Austrobohemia.